Step at our unisex salon and get the right treatment for your hair, skin and body to get a complete perfection and relaxation truly as per your concerns only with the service providers of our Hair Smoothening in CR Park who are responsible to serve our people with hair services as well besides makeup and skin treatments. The specialists and trainers of our Hair Smoothening in Kalkaji are fully armed with the latest techniques and ultra modern technologies where nothing is bargained on the quality assets instead the world class products are used with unmatched skills with unbeatable market services. We make use of the organic products for the services of Hair Smoothening in CR Park along with other services as well which are highly skin-friendly in nature and suit the best in accordance with the skin types of a person with no side effects. No matter that is it a runway style makeup, Bollywood inspired hairstyles, detoxing facials or indulgent massages, the skilled panel of the service providers as well as personnel of the air Smoothening in Kalkaji, serve our people with all such services at cost-adequacy.

Hair Cut & Hair Style

RRanging from a simple trim to couture haircuts and from a basic wash to luxury spa treatments and therapies, we at Naturals have everything from all. Our exclusive, as well as an extensive range of hair care packages, are specially designed to treat hair problems with an objective to completely nourish them with the roots of it. The highly-skilled personnel of the Naturals tame unruly tresses as well as the hair style in such a way that works well with its natural flow. With us, you can easily say a final bye to your rough and damaged hair where these services are not only meant for the females instead of the males as well.

Walk into a Naturals salon and treat your hair, skin and body to a day of detoxification and relaxation!

Hair treatments

The assortments which we consist of the hair treatments effectively help people in keeping their hair free of pollution, dust and other impurities as well. Hence, with us at the Naturals, you can easily expect only the top-notch and the best hair treatment for your tresses completely as per your desires. Our special services and most of the related hair treatments make both your hair and scalp healthy, growing and glowing. We are also in wider demands by most of our people as we deliver the best hair treatment which fights hair fall and dandruff by complete nurturing it with vital minerals and nutrients as well. This results in obtaining a healthy hair with a natural and brighter shine.

Walk into a Naturals salon and treat your hair, skin and body to a day of detoxification and relaxation!


The facial is not only about pampering your skin or your self instead, it also does numerous wonders for your skin as well. We perform many different kinds of the facial as per the skin type of a client with a help of our skilled personnel. Our experts do the deep cleans and hydrates your skin and relieve acne. We deliver the services of a good facial which is also responsible for improving the blood circulation and also give your skin a healthy glow. For varied facials, we use the brand as well as skin-friendly goods enriched with the vital minerals and nutrients which reduce the wrinkles and remove dead skin. The ingredients of the facials provided by us mainly include Black mud, fruit acids, vitamins, enzymes, gold and anti-oxidants which give you a youthful appearance.

Walk into a Naturals salon and treat your hair, skin and body to a day of detoxification and relaxation!


The personnel of our beauty care experts delivers a basic waxing unlike any other where our service providers take utmost care in order to ensure our esteemed customers that our waxing services make our people truly comfortable and relatively give less painful experience. We consume only the products of the good quality with a gentle hand. Furthermore, an eyebrow threading is done only keeping in mind the facial features of a person while a full body waxing entirely assure a silky smooth result. IN addition to this, we also use a special liposoluble wax which is made from the resin extracts and refined oils as well which nourishes your skin and removes tans from all the tanning prone parts of a human body.

Walk into a Naturals salon and treat your hair, skin and body to a day of detoxification and relaxation!


A pedicure is much more than a cut as well as a perfect file for your nails. The fundamental feature of the pedicure is to releases the tension from your feet while relieving stress from your entire body. Hence, at the Naturals, we strive our best in 3 forms of the pedicure mainly:

1) Radiant Pedicure
2) Intense Moisturising Pedicure
3) Spa Pedicure

As per the concerns of your hands, your hands hold the head of your baby, you hold the hands of your partner and even much more activities are done by it. So, why don't to take care of it? At Naturals, we render the manicure services which truly ensure that the softest, most beautiful hands ever have been never observed before. Therefore, we provide 3 forms of the manicure mainly:

1) Spa Manicure
2) Radiant Manicure
3) Intense Moisturising Manicure

Walk into a Naturals salon and treat your hair, skin and body to a day of detoxification and relaxation!


Each individual wishes to have a perfect smoother and straight, silky hair and hence for the fulfillment of your desire, you can easily approach us as, your wish is our command. We at our Naturals is a hair straightening genie which takes a responsibility in a complete transformation of even the tightest curls into the silky straight hair only with our hair smoothening treatment. Our service providers assure that whatever you people receive from us is extremely damage-free as the safe, as well as an internationally tested brand such as that of the Wella, Schwarzkopf and L'Oreal, is used by us.

Walk into a Naturals salon and treat your hair, skin and body to a day of detoxification and relaxation!

Party makeup

The service providers of our Naturals provide the cost-adequate services of the party makeup unlike any other. We take an utmost care in order to ensure all our esteemed customers that they always have a good experience with us. As per the concerns of the girls, they only need an excuse to dress up and hence, we say that the wedding is a perfect occasion which suits this excuse. We know that the Indian Wedding is all about dazzle and beauty and then also, each girl wishes to look pretty enough after the bride. Even if you are not the bride, being the bride’s sister, cousin or friend, you have the right to dress beautifully especially for the wedding party.

Walk into a Naturals salon and treat your hair, skin and body to a day of detoxification and relaxation!

Airbrush makeup

Air brush systems which are highly meant for the makeup especially design in such a way which consists of the small diaphragm compressors with less power and are highly affordable. It consists of the two needles which lie in the nozzle that the user manoeuvres. An action takes place when both an air as well as the pigments meet simultaneously. In an airbrush makeup, one needle pushes out an air at the other pigment. Furthermore, a single action nozzle occurs is when the user just sprays out the mixture. On the other hand, a double action occurs at the time where the user can easily control an amount of the released pigment. It also allows a person to have the great control over the end results which one wished to have. The team of our service providers take an utmost care so as to ensure that all our customers have a good experience with our flawless services.

Walk into a Naturals salon and treat your hair, skin and body to a day of detoxification and relaxation!

Engagement Makeup

The ceremony of an engagement is equally mandatory in compliance with the wedding. An engagement is an appropriate occasion for a girl to look elegant and appear graceful that too in something trendy. With us, you can absolutely go all an out with your experiments and ideas because we work in close coordination with all our prestigious clients and provide them with an opportunity to opt for the same as per their concerns. On the other hand, the Weddings would still require a girl to be a little traditional but an engagement is an only one occasion where you can experiment. Any kind of the makeup you choose in accordance with your skin type has a lot to do with your outfit and also plays a major role with it.

Walk into a Naturals salon and treat your hair, skin and body to a day of detoxification and relaxation!

Bridal Makeup

A day of one's wedding is nothing short of a fairytale. Each girl dreams of having a perfect wedding fit for a princess and so, every girl deserves the same as per the once in lifetime happening event. But on the other hand, the stress of planning your dream wedding can also take a toll on your body as well so to avoid such hassle, we at the Naturals, help a bride by nurturing her glowing skin with the great care of it needs by arming her with a natural glow on her special day. The panel of our make-up artists, as well as hairstylists, are well-known to create a unique look for each bride which highlights and reflects her best feature. Hence, we welcome all and take an immense pleasure when we see that people leave their worries behind and trust us in order to turn herself into a princess on her special day of the life.

Your fairy tale wedding is now a reality! Naturals helps transform brides-to-be into beautiful princesses on their special day. Our wedding makeup artists and hairstylists create unique looks by blending international trends and traditional styles. This has inspired our 3 key bridal styles – the classic South Indian bride, Punjabi bride ,Bengali Bride ,Muslim Bride and the elegant Christian bride. Our experts at Naturals, create a special look for each bride based on her wedding attire, time of day, venue and her preferences, of course !


At Naturals, we believe the days before the wedding are the most crucial of all. Cold feet and wedding jitters can certainly keep you on the edge, and that’s where we come in! Naturals offers a range of bridal packages that not only calm you but also beautify you inside and out. Our bridal packages range from a one day miracle package to a 3 month luxury package, which includes facials, body massage, under eye treatment, skin lightening procedures and much more. Naturals also offers wedding packages for grooms.